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Professional Development at Christie's Education

Professional Development at Christie's Education is an integral part of our courses, aimed at highlighting career opportunities across the public and commercial art world. We invite-art world professionals, many of whom have been through our programs, to meet current students and give them an opportunity to:

• Speak with former students
• Talk to other professionals from the art world
• Discuss opportunities in the art world
• Learn strategies for furthering a career in the art world
• Apply for internships

Christie’s Human Resources Department works closely with Christie’s Education to highlight opportunities available within the company and offer the opportunity for students to attend an interview with one of Christie’s recruitment professionals. Students also benefit from the network of Christie’s offices worldwide where opportunities can be found for internships and work experience.

Opportunities for professional development are extensive and students have unparalleled access to professionals from Christie's Auction House and the London art world. Each Christie’s Education London programme runs a series of vocation-oriented panels and presentations throughout the year, whereby arts professionals are invited to speak to students during scheduled lectures and seminars.

An optional series of weekly talks are organised for students to attend. Each term has a specific theme which focusses on progressively supporting students into their future career.

Term One – From Passion to Profession
Art world professionals offer students an insight into their jobs
Term Two – Last Lecture Series
Professionals from a variety of sectors share their advice about the importance of transferable skills
Term Three – Stepping up to Success
A focus on students’ transition from education to employment

In addition to this, weekly CV writing and career advice workshops are offered to help prepare students for internship and employment opportunities.

Professional Development e-newsletters are produced bi-weekly to keep students informed about upcoming speakers, workshops, additional courses and internship vacancies.

At Christie’s Education New York there is a series of optional workshops to help prepare students for internship and employment opportunities.

Professional and Career Development Workshop Series

The professional art world is a competitive environment. One’s success is dependent upon a combination of many factors: personal work ethic, commitment, growth of the market, education, professional network, etc. In preparation for their careers, students will engage in a series of workshops, activities and assignments—in groups, in small teams and individually. The professional development workshop curriculum provides training across a wide spectrum of career building skills. 

This workshop runs the first three terms of both MA programs and focuses on critical concepts and actions needed to secure summer internships and lays the foundation for long-term career success. While not mandatory, the workshops are strongly encouraged for all students regardless of which MA program they are attending.


The Career Development Series focuses on career exploration and skill development – and is designed to help students learn important job search skills, structure internship searches and ultimately craft a strategic and successful job search.  This series is structured to enhance each student’s ability to present in a variety of ways: in writing, in-person, on the telephone, through email, and through social media.

In addition to learning and developing effective presentation skills, students will work on creating a Career Development Plan and a Leadership Action Plan.  The primary theme that will run throughout the workshop and which we will discuss in great detail is the crucial development of an extensive art industry network that each student will cultivate through expanding personal and professional connections.


The workshop is structured to mirror the students’ career continuum, covering: career direction, building a career network, self-assessment, developing/presenting/selling one’s brand, and industry research.  Upon successful completion of the program, students will have developed a useful toolkit of professional instruments, skills and abilities including:

  • Define personal career objectives and ability to articulate personal value  
  • Research and analyze targeted career opportunities 
  • Build and maintain relationships in a variety of settings 
  • Assess personal leadership strengths and areas for further development 
  • Create a leadership development roadmap to focus further growth 
  • Interview successfully in different interview formats 
  • Successfully negotiate a job offer
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