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Our undergraduate programme has the unique feature of allowing students to experience the London art world during the first two years before going on to further study and research for an M.A. Hons in Glasgow. The programme has been specially developed by the University of Glasgow and Christie’s Education to offer the balance of knowledge and skills to prepare students for a career in the art-world or for advanced study.

Course dates

Course Calendar 2016 - 2017

Orientation Week
19 - 23 September 2016

Term 1
26 September - 2 December 2016

Term 2
9 January - 17 March 2017

Term 3
17 April - 23 June 2017

Students on this four-year course spend the first two years in London studying at Christie’s Education, with unparalleled access to works of art and the London art world. The second two years are spent at one of Britain’s oldest and most distinguished universities, the University of Glasgow.

Each of the two years offers a core series of lectures, given by Christie’s Education faculty and outside experts. The programme covers a broad period of western art history.

Classes, seminars and visits are taught in small groups, to encourage students in their direct observation of works of art, and to develop their skills in description and debate Our teaching is designed to help students develop a clear writing style, to enable them to research works of art properly and to acquire critical skills. Our focus is object based, including cataloguing works of art to museum or auction house standards. We study the works of art passing through Christie’s auction house and visit the great London collections on a regular basis. There are also components that explore a variety of contextual, curatorial and commercial approaches to works of art. Students are taken on a number of field trips to locations in the UK, and each year there are two study trips to a major European city.

Year One – Art and Architecture from Antiquity to the Middle Ages and Renaissance
The first year introduces students to the art and culture of the ancient world and explores the depiction of the human form in Greek, Hellenistic and Roman art, followed by the art, politics and religion of the early medieval and Byzantine worlds. In the second term we investigate the art of the central Middle Ages, exploring medieval stained glass, painting and manuscripts as well as ivory and enamels. The third term introduces the birth of Italian painting and the reinvention of sculpture and architecture in early Renaissance Europe.

Year Two – Fine and Decorative Art from the Renaissance to Modern
The lecture programme in Year Two investigates the Renaissance in northern and southern Europe and the counter cultures of sixteenth century, including Mannerism and the Baroque. Special emphasis is given to the luxury arts including ceramics, silver, furniture, tapestry and costume. The second term covers the emergence and flowering of the Rococo and Neo-classical styles. Term three examines 19th century art, including the Arts and Crafts movement, Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, preparing the way for the study of modernism and the great artistic movements of the early twentieth century: Fauvism, Cubism and Surrealism.

Years Three and Four
Students are invited to choose from a wide range of options available within the History of Art department at the University of Glasgow. Full use will be made of the unique access that students have to the University’s Mackintosh and Whistler collections, the Hunterian Museum and Gallery, the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and the Burrell Collection.

Students progress by gaining credits each year. Successful completion of the first two years of the degree at Christie’s Education gains students 240 credits within the University of Glasgow credit-based system. A further 240 credits, acquired in the third and fourth years, lead to the award of an Honours Degree of the University of Glasgow.


Entry Requirements
Completed UCAS Application
UK A Levels or international equivalent, normally at a minimum of 200 UCAS Tariff Points
Applicants whose first language is not English normally have an IELTS 7
Minimum age 18
Successful interview with a member of our faculty
Scanned colour copy of passport photo page and previous UK visas if applicable

All interviews take place with a member of our faculty and normally last about an hour. Applicants will be asked to discuss a selection of images as well as their particular interests in the art world. The interviewers will assess the applicant's response to, and knowledge of, works of art. Applicants may on occasion be asked to make a short written comment on a work of art.

We believe it is important for future students to have an opportunity to meet members of staff and for both parties to discuss the suitability of the programme and the applicant's plans for the future. Applicants will be formally notified of the outcome of the interview within five working days.


Institution Code: G28
Course Code: VW31 

For further information regarding the equivalencies of UK or international qualifications to UCAS Tariff points, please click here


One of the most important resources at Christie’s Education is the wealth of art works that pass through the salerooms on a regular basis. The school has its own Learning Resources Centre, with a computer room, handling collection, print collection and library. Students are also provided with borrowing rights at Senate House Library, University of London, and have access to the electronic resources of the University of Glasgow Library. The British Library is within walking distance.


All students are registered at the University of Glasgow from the beginning of the course and work completed at Christie’s Education forms part of their final degree. Christie’s Education and the University of Glasgow have been associated with each other for over twenty years.  The University of Glasgow was founded in 1451 and is one of the oldest universities in the United Kingdom. The History of Art Department has been ranked top in the UK for world leading research in art history by the UK Government.* We share the same commitment in providing the highest quality education in art history and we are proud of the close links between our institutions. All the lecturers in London are recognised teachers of the University.

Visit the University of Glasgow website
*UK Government Research Assessment Exercise, 2008




Undergraduate MA Year 1

Undergraduate MA Year 2

Students domiciled in Scotland and the EU
(not including England, Wales and Northern Ireland)

Students domiciled in England, Wales,
Northern Ireland, Isle of Man &
Channel Islands

International Students

All fees for years 1 and 2 include study trips in UK and Abroad unless otherwise stated. A non-refundable deposit of 5% of the first year's course fees is payable within six weeks of being offered a place Postgraduate Programmes as well as the part-time courses. The balance of the fee is payable 1 September of the relevant academic year. Payment may be made by bank transfer, cheque or credit card (Visa or MasterCard). Course calendar and fees are subject to change.

Learn more information about student funding for Undergraduate students here


Christie’s Education faculty consists of academics offering a wide range of experience and specialisation. Each student is assigned a personal tutor at the beginning of the year who will guide their academic progress and is responsible for advice and support throughout their course of studies.

Year One: Arts of Europe

Dr Cecily Hennessy: Head of Subject

Dr Sadie Pickup: Lecturer/Tutor

Year Two: Art, Style and Design

Rebecca Lyons: Head of Subject

Jacqui Ansell: Lecturer/Tutor


Student group at ruins
‘The internship is amazing, thank you! Nothing could have prepared me better than Christie's Education as I mainly research for descriptions and provenance from old Christie's catalogues. It is so exciting!’
Hester Lethwaite
Undergraduate Student
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