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Christie’s Education is unique in being wholly owned by Christie’s Auction House, signaling the importance Christie’s places on practical experience of art through education as the key to professional success. Since we were founded in 1978, our graduates have gone on to careers in the art world having experienced the highest quality education in Art History, connoisseurship and the art market from the inside. As the only major auction house to directly offer degree and non-degree programmes, we continue to follow the principles of hands-on exposure to art, immersing our students in the art world from the beginning of their studies.

Christie’s Education provides students with the opportunity to study works first-hand at Christie’s salerooms, as well as in public and private collections where students meet art world professionals including dealers, art advisors, and museum staff. All of the programmes provide a unique insight into the art market, as well as a cultural and art historical framework for object-based learning. Each course is designed to promote curiosity and develop knowledge through practical skills and experience.

We offer Master's and Undergraduate degrees at Christie’s Education London, validated by the University of Glasgow. We have also developed a pioneering Art, Law and Business degree  which, through its integrated work placement, offers the same level of hands-on experience for those interested in the business and legal side of the art world.

Christie’s Education New York offers Master's degrees accredited by the New York State Board of Regents and the Commissioner of Education in their capacity as a nationally recognized accrediting agency. Christie’s Education New York provides students with the opportunity to study works first-hand at Christie’s Rockefeller Center premises in New York.

Both London and New York also offer certificate, part-time, tailor-made, and short courses. All of our options for continuing education provide a unique insight into the art market, with a focus on modern and contemporary art, as well as a cultural and art-historical framework for object-based learning.

The following key areas form the core of our curriculum:

  • Object-based learning
  • First-hand study of real works of art
  • Investigative cataloguing and writing skills
  • Inter-disciplinary approach to study
  • Promotion of independent thinking
  • Preparation for future employment

Christie’s Education students have lifelong links to the global alumni network with networking and career opportunities organized through events held across the year. As a result, many Christie’s Education graduates now hold key positions throughout the global art world..

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